We focus on the development of dynamic web sites with database, having experience since 2000 in this area. However, often we deal with more advanced challenges like IoT (internet of things), financial institution interfaces, Estonian x-road services etc.
In Miltema, we believe that things should be useful, simple, fast, reliable and affordable. We adjust our work process according to these goals.


  Web development

In Miltema, we focus on web sites with dynamic content, which:

  • include real-time changing data
  • communicate with other information systems, for instance banks, Estonian x-road, Google services
  • communicate with IoT (internet of things)

  Server software development

In this field we have long-term experience. We have developed various applications, incl:

  • converters
  • filters
  • software engines and robots with specific goals

  Website hosting

A service for the web software to feel like home and to be accessible to general public, hosting includes:

  • monitoring
  • maintenance (if requested)
  • backups
  • etc

  IoT development

Presently, this is a popular topic. Miltema has experience with:

  • IoT controllers
  • electrical equipment control
  • sensors data collection
  • access systems
  • security systems
  • analytics of sensor data

  Business analysis

The goal here is to find out customer business needs. The process includes:

  • identifying business opportunities
  • conducting feasibility studies
  • assessing the risks and proposing alternative solutions
  • scoping
  • etc

The result of business analysis is analysis document with requirements specification, understandable to people without technical background. This very same document is also suitable for evaluating technical development effort, for ordering and accepting software development.

  Software architecture

The goal is to define sustainable development patterns, incl:

  • external software libraries
  • system internal structure
  • interfaces (communication protocols etc.)
  • testing strategy
  • security strategy - In Miltema, security architecture conforms to OWASP ASVS 3.0 standard. This is much more than just declaring that our software is protected against "OWASP top3" or "OWASP top 10"
  • etc

  Project management

The goal here is to have smooth progress without bad surprises. Project management includes:

  • proactive stakeholder communication
  • meeting deadlines
  • arranging demos


During programming, the system with its components and interfaces is being built. We use these major platforms:

  • Java
  • Slimweb


The goal is to ensure product quality. We do:

  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing


  •   Margus Selge (CEO)
  •   +372 51 14741
  •   Kandle 3, Tänassilma, Harjumaa 76406, Estonia
  •   Reg#: 10947918
  •   VAT#: EE100827840